Friday, December 03, 2010

It happens only in Bengaluru

My wife had been complaining about backache for a long time. Finally we decided to visit Manipal hospital in Bengaluru. We took an appointment for the coming Saturday. The appointment was at 4:00 PM. With quite a lot of difficulty, managed to pull my wife out of the house and reach Manipal hospital by 3:45 PM. We went and spoke to the receptionist. She told us that the doc has gone for an emergency and they are not sure when he would be back. They asked us to wait for a while until they made some enquires. The receptionist came back saying that the doc will be in office in an hour. We decided to wait. I had a couple of coffees and my wife ate cup noodles. We went out for a walk in the hospital lawns. It was around 5:30 PM and decided to head back to the doc’s office. Once there, we had to wait another 5-10 minutes and they let us in to see the doc. Doc examined my wife and told us that we need to get an X-Ray done. We had to go to the radiology section. We made the payment for the X-Ray and when our turn came, we were called into the Radiology room. Here we met a person who was supposed to do the X-Rays. We exchanged greetings. He told us that he will explain in brief the procedure to be followed. We agreed. The next question he posed was – “Sir, which language are you comfortable in?”. I was delighted to know that Manipal was offering such great services to its patients. There might be people from varying backgrounds who could get admitted to the hospital. Being able to service the patient in his own language is a definite ++, it would help them feel at home and help them feel secure. Before we could tell him which language, he started – “Sir, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Hindi…”. My mind was working fast to pick one of those choices but it was not able to. For a split second I couldn’t realize what was happening. I looked at my wife, she had the same blank expression on her face. She had started out to pick one of the choices but couldn’t do so. After 2-3 seconds I realized he had missed out Kannada. I told him – “Naavu Kannadane” (We speak Kannada only).. Now it was the radiologist’s turn to look dumbfounded. Slowly his expressions changed to a sheepish grin and while scratching his head he blurted out – “Sirrr.. um.. Engglishhh ok…?"

Friday, July 25, 2008

Blasts in Bangalore

This was waiting to happen for quite some time now. We all knew Bangalore can't be far behind other major cities in India when it comes to terror attacks and explosions. I seriously wonder why it has taken the BAD so much longer to actually kick off blasts in Bangalore. There can be many possible reasons to this. Bangalore police is giving these guys a real hard time or they are in the process of planning something real huge. The second possibility seems more realistic and scary. And the fact that we have had 8-9 serial blasts on 07/25 rules out Bangalore police giving these BAD guys a tough time. This is an excerpt from the Times - "Bangalore police have not yet linked Friday's blasts to terror groups. Since they were low intensity blasts, police say the intention was to create terror and panic and not cause massive damage." I just hope these comments from Bangalore police are to calm down the residents and not to convince themselves that these low intensity blasts were actually caused to disrupt harmony and create panic. Everyone knows what the goal of the BAD is. Its definitely not to set of a few low intensity blasts and laugh their a**es off seeing innocents run helter skelter. They have a cause and are ready to live or die by it. Hope our Police get a whiff of what the BAD are upto. Even to a layman's eye these blasts seem like a dry run of a massive plan which if executed might leave a permanent scar on the city. Is anybody listening? Have the authorities thought of this angle as yet? Or are we going to let it happen and then worry about blaming groups for the attacks or give reasons for the attacks?

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Aikaa Magic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a story of a little kid named Chandu. He loved being taken out to parks, eateries, bakeries and restaurants. This was a day as normal as any other day and the kid was all set to go out and enjoy the evening. The weather was perfect with a few clouds hovering above and leaves and small branches of trees dancing to the tunes of the breezy wind. Chandu had worn blue peddle pushers and his favorite bubble gummer (read Velcro) shoes. It was Mr. R's turn to take Chandu out this evening. Chandu had three uncles and Mr. R was the youngest of them all. The kid loved Mr. R more than anyone else. He would always look forward to going out with Mr. R.
Mr. R came out of his room and called to Chandu "Baa ma hogona" (come lets go). Chandu wished his grand mom a bye and started off with Mr. R. They walked all the way till the bus stop holding hands and swinging it. Mr. R asked Chandu where he'd like to go. Pat came the reply "Ulity building" (read Utility building). Chandu liked hotel Ulaas the best and he would always order a plain dosa. Ulaas was located on the first floor of the 24 floors tall Utility building. Even the waiters had gotten bored serving the kid plain dosa almost every time he went there.
It was 10 minutes now at the bus stop and Mr. R had started getting impatient. By the time he could get any more impatient they saw a bus arriving. To Chandu's disappointed it was not a double decker. He always preferred traveling by a double decker standing at the front glass window of the top deck. He told Mr. R "double decker al hogona" (let’s go in the double decker). Mr. R didn’t trust the frequency of the double decker buses and carried Chandu onto the crowded bus. They moved away from the entrance and settled down somewhere at the middle of the bus near a pole. Since Chandu couldn’t reach the handles at the top, the pole would help him stand without being pushed around or thrown onto the floor in the crowded bus. He held the pole with both his hands and started looking around. He found two beautiful ladies seated just next to him. A cute stare got him a little seating place in between the young women. Chandu looked up at Mr. R and Mr. R gave Chandu a reassuring smile. Chandu put aside Mr. R for a while and started enjoying the view outside & the wind blowing onto his face. He would have preferred the place at the corner, but both the women wanted him. So he had to settle down away from the window and in between the two of them. About 4-5 stops went by and it was time to get down. Chandu waved both the ladies a bye and in return got both his cheeks pulled and a kiss planted on his forehead. In spite of it being a crowded bus and it not being a double decker, Chandu had enjoyed the ride and was now looking forward to eating plain dosa at Ulaas. He held Mr. R's hand and crossed the road towards Utility building hopping in happiness. They reached the stairs to Ulaas but Mr. R didn’t take it. Chandu asked his uncle why they were not taking the stairs. Mr. R said "Olge solpa kelsa ide, adh mugsi plain dose thinoke hogona". (I have some work inside, let’s finish that and then go to eat plain dosa). They got inside and Mr. R pressed a button on the wall. In a few seconds a door to a room opened and both Chandu and Mr. R got in. It was a small room that could hold about 8-10 people. There was a person standing towards the right hand side corner. Mr. R paid him Rs 2/- and settled down at the other end. The door closed and Chandu was wondering what they were unto. Before Chandu could go ahead and ask Mr. R why they were standing there silently, the doors to the room opened. Mr. R walked the kid out of the room and towards the large window right opposite the room. As they walked towards the window Chandu could see a clear sky with streaks of orange and grey. It looked more like a photo frame with a beautiful painting in it. They got closer and Chandu peeked out the window holding the window with his tiny hands and standing on his heels. What Chandu witnessed was something that he had never seen before. The world outside the window was full of toys. Not the lame GI Joes and cars and trucks you had to push around with your hands. These were GI Joes, cars, buses, bikes etc. moving on the realistic looking roads without any push required from anybody. Chandu was awestruck. It was like the world had transformed into something that he had always wished for. A world full of toys. Toys that would move around in perfect harmony, Toys that wouldn’t require Chandu to push. Chandu turned around with amazement and smiled at Mr. R with his twinkling eyes full of questions. Mr. R smiled back at Chandu as if to say "see what I have got you". Chandu looked out of the window again trying to gulp in everything. He kept staring out the window to his heart's content and then said "aikaaa, Magic. henge neen ellanu ist chikadh maadbitte?" (wow, magic. how did you turn everything into such tiny objects?). Mr. R laughed slightly and said nothing. Mr. R was very happy with the amazed, excited look on Chandu's face. He let Chandu enjoy the toyworld for some more time before he took him to Ulaas for a hot plain dosa.

This is a true story. The room was a lift and both Chandu and Mr. R had climbed to the top most floor of Utility building. If Mr. R had explained Chandu about the functioning of a lift beforehand, Chandu would never have experienced the MAGIC!!!!!!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Good days ahead!!! (Hopefully)

After the trip to atlanta and a tiring day at the not so good six flags, I woke up real late on monday morning (26th May 2008). Called home in India and mom told me that BJP has won 110 seats of the 224 and needs another 3 seats to form a simple majority. This has come in as a great news to me and i am sure the whole of BJP and all the supporters of BJP are rejoicing. As Advani says this is the turning point, I wish it is so and BJP comes back to the center. This is the beginning for BJP in Karnataka and by no means the end. I wish they realise this and work towards their manifesto and the promises they have made. Citizens of India are real smart these days and will not let BJP retain power if they do not deliver. I wish BJP all the very best and hope that BJP bring about a positive change in Karnataka.

Friday, October 12, 2007

The art of selling

The other day I was reading a book on investments - Contrarian Investment strategies. It reminded me of the day I had tried reading "Gone with the Wind" during high school days. There were too many characters and nothing went into my head. I dropped out at around 110 pages. Now I am at the 60th page on this book and its giving me the same kind of creeps. Too many variables to comprehend. Infact the author mentions that stock markets are full of complex variables which cannot be comprehended by a human brain and this is where everybody ranging from experts to retail investors fail (trying to time the market). Little would he have realised that his book is going to be full of such variables which would be tuff to comprehend (chuckle!!). Anyways its a do or die situation for me with respect to stock markets. I have to tame the markets to get me to the super riches. Hence I stayed on with the book. But offcourse skipping most of the sentences and trying to skim out the important parts. But I am not getting what I am looking for. I want to know when to sell a stock, how many days to hold it? But this book doesnt seem to tell me anything of that sort. Everybody knows when to buy a stock. Low P/E, Low book values, high cash flows. But when do we sell? Anybody has any idea?

Environment Freindly..

These days all talks are about environment. Environment friendly vehicles, Environment friendly machines, Environment friendly campuses, Environment friendly bikinis (This is amongst the latest news I have heard). Guess Thai bikinis are made of Fish skin and offcourse we need to get rid of these bikinis as they are not environment friendly. Imagine if these bikinis start rotting in your cupboard or worst while wearing them. But the best of all inventions till date and the most environment friendly of them all i'll tell you has been what is dubbed as the "Father of all bombs" (chuckle!!). Isnt it great that we as a human race have matured so much that even while making bombs and artillery we think of mother earth. It doesnt matter that the bombs when used can cause catastrophic results. But they are offcourse environment friendly. Its just that they'll wipe out any living being on earth. thereby leaving no environment at all.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Crazy Me

Its been one whole year since I myself visited this page. I don't know if its a problem with Gemini or if its with me but I tend to lose interest in everything that I start off with. I got a couple of requests from friends to continue writing but I just couldn't put my brain to so much trouble. Unexpected was the fact that even a request from a gorgeous babe did not ignite the passion to blog. Main apne marzi ka malik hoon and here I am blogging again trying to fight off the Gemini trademark.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Random Rantings..

This is my second day as a blolgger. I used to wonder all these days what's there to write each day. Is one's life so very eventful that you get to create new posts each day or is it just that people imagine even their coughing and farting to be as eventful as a mission to the moon. I am sure I will realise this as I grow old as a blogger. But for now this is my second blog and its on the second day.
I have started hating the breed of bloggers who make fun of their ugly aunts. These dudes and dudettes think of themselves as real cool but they don't realise they are as ugly as their aunts and their blogs even uglier. It comes as a package with the genes. You will realise this if you have read the Ken Follet authored novel "The Third Twin". For now lets keep the twins aside as they are not the cause of my ranting and neither are these dudes and dudettes the cause of my ranting who hate their aunts and whose blogs I hate.
The cause of my spoilt mood is the reason that I was turned down transfer to my hometown. My manager summoned me early morning to his office to tell me that I can either get a transfer to telecom dept and stay in chennai or go back to insurance dept and seek transfer to bangalore from there. There was this drama going on between the indian officials, Mulford and US regarding the nuke deal.

Mulford: Can you come to my office?
Indian Official: Sure I'll be there.
Mulford: See I spoke to the US authorities, and they say that if you don't vote against Iran then the nuke deal is off.
Indian Official: India cannot be pressurised under any circumstance. We are a sovereign country. We will do what suits our country the best..

But everybody knew what this meant. This meant "We will definitely vote against Iran. Why the damn are you making a hue and cry of this."

My situation seemed pretty much similar and my manager seemed none other than Mulford.

Mulford: Can you come to my office?
Me: Sure, I'll be there.
Mulford: See I spoke to the DM, and he says the telecom transfer deal is off if you ask for a transfer to bangalore.
Me: ok
Mulford: So please decide, you want a transfer to telecom dept or a transfer to bangalore.
Me: I will decide and let you know.

I came off his office like a meek rat without even being as brave as those indian officials. I could have atleast asked him for the reason of me being declined a transfer. Instead here I am ranting in front of you guys and a while ago trying to scare the hell out of my girl. As if she were the main reason for this plight of mine.

This reminds me of two more things that I hate most
Management and